Are you looking to  gain REAL leverage  so you can focus on working 'ON' your business, not just 'IN' it?


Ok Here’s the Problem…

Running a business in today's world is freaking hard. You've got to be the jack-of-all-trades – sales guru, marketing whiz, customer service champ, and let's not even start on the accounting acrobatics. This is why it's so easy to get STUCK In your business. So what do we do we look to software to help us gain some leverage… And then we get even more confused. Did you know there are over 30,000 software companies out there? No freaking wonder why we feel like this…

It's so easy to get overwhelmed so fast, and it can be hard to know where to start. You end up trying a little bit of everything and not getting the results you want. You know you need a marketing strategy, but you don't know where to begin.

How Every Business Feels thinking About The Right

Tools and softwares to use in their business

You need help and that’s where Blue42 comes in!

Navigate the 30,000 Software companies and find the right tools to gain REAL leverage in your Business

Here’s what we do at Blue42. We have been in the software and automation game for over a decade now and see thousands of tools in our days… We have put together a simple and FREE Business Toolkit so you know in all our time what tools we would recommend for 90% of the business out there.

Really, here is what we did… We put ourselves in your shoes and asked ourselves if we were starting a business from scratch today… what software and tools would we use to…

  • Gain New Leads

  • Build and Nurture A List

  • Scheduling and Managing an Online Calendar

  • Sales Pipeline and Management (Lead follow up)

  • Sales Process

  • Step by Step Fulfillment Process

  • Accounting

  • Customer Service

  • Automated Accounting

  • Internal Processes and Communication

  • IT and Security

  • AI COpy

  • Reporting

  • And SO MUCH MORE...

Meet the Brains Behind Blue42

Meet Jordan Abaroa

Our CEO and co-founder, a seasoned pro in the business and software arena. With over a decade in the game, Jordan has worked with hundreds of businesses, mastering every model you can think of. His knack for understanding unique business needs and seamlessly integrating them with the right software solutions is what sets us – and our Business Toolkit – apart.

With Jordan's insights and expertise baked into Blue42's DNA, we're not just offering tools— we're offering a new way to do business...

The Business ToolKit!

Your comprehensive, all-in-one, secret weapon To navigating and

identifying the Right software and tools to build real leverage in your business

Imagine having a personal business consultant, one who's seen it all, right at your fingertips. That's what our Business Toolkit offers.

It’s not just a bunch of tools thrown together. It’s a carefully curated selection, influenced by Jordan Abaroa’s decade-long experience and his unique approach to business and software. In the Toolkit we break down over 20+ tools. Give you the full rundown of what they are good for and what they aren’t. So here’s how you get access to our Business Toolkit… Simple Drop in your Name and Email and that’s it.

There is no gimmick here or sales tactic. This Toolkit is a completely FREE resource for you.

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Here’s the cool part too. When we run across a new tool or something that just blows our minds away we’ll let you know,

we send out regular emails with updates on tools and cool software we find.

Here’s what a few others have said about working with us and Jordan…

Oh… One More Question, Do You Need More Leads In Your Business?

Guess what? We've got a pretty cool way of rustling up leads just for you. It's all about snagging the right ones in your sphere, and the best part? You only pay when a lead lands in your lap. Curious? Zip through our quick survey to see if you're a fit for our lead-gen magic.

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